First and second experience with an older man.

about what happened I got excited and needless to say when Saturday night came I was waiting in the same spot. I arrived about 30 min earlier to make sure I didn't miss him, I waited for nearly an hour and still no sign of him so it was then I decide to go home.I started hitchhiking and after about 5 min a VW camper pulled over, when I got to

A passionate night of sex with the wife

part into her pussy and lined the top half up perfectly with her clit. As I slid the bottom part in my hand grazed along her thigh and they were soaked with her juices. I followed the trail down just to see how far it went and as my fingers slid down I felt pure satisfaction at 
knowing that I had turned her this far on. As it was the trail went

An Innocent Winter

being just adorable. They looked soft and full. He never had imagined how they would be, but looking at her breasts, the only thought that came in his mind was to touch and feel them. Finally he decided to clean them not with the cloth, but his own hands. He gently placed two fingers on the right breast. It felt so amazing. It was soft, smooth

Sibling's Nightly Indulgence

okay.” she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him for a kiss. “I love that you came inside me.” she added.“You do?”“Yes. Since you break your first promise, you have to promise me again.”“I promise I won’t come…” she stopped him with a soft peck on his lips.“Promise to do this to me tomorrow.” she said and her brother smiled.“I


in-law, Julia, and her second husband, Donald, lived in a big old house in the country, tastefully restored of course. To cut a long story short, Donald – who was quite a bit older than Julia – died, and Rebecca, Toby, her son by a previous husband, and I moved in with Julia. Rebecca was a director of some consultancy firm and once she saw that

Mandy's Online Master Ch. 04

One grabbed my by my shoulders and pulled me forward. "Get a room whore! Stop working in here!"The man jostled me through the crowd and before I could breathe I was out a door and in an alley. I was so surprised. I was ready to fuck that guy right in that club. Actually, I still wanted to.The cell phone rang."Hello Mandy, I'm sorry about your

Just Friends Part 2

she wanted. So it was then that she decided to change her career. At the time she had no idea that this meant enrolling for a course in accountancy. In fact, her thoughts focused no further than moving to a smaller cheaper flat so she could survive for a while before she found a new direction for her life. She knew she’d have to break loose from

Finding a New Life Ch. 04

‘Lily?’ Tyler asked, walking back into the room. ‘How are you feeling?’ Lily wanted to know. ‘Sore,’ Tyler admitted, sitting in the chair across from Lily. ‘I was talking to my mom, and she mentioned something about you having twins,’ Tyler began. Lily’s eyes filled with tears again but she nodded. ‘What happened?’ he asked gently. ‘I went into


the latex accentuates all your curves.After leaving you in this position for 10 minutes, your heart has not stopped beating really hard. You find yourself catching your breath every time you hear a sound, wondering if it’s is me coming back into the room.Suddenly, you know I’m in the room, even though the light is dim. You can feel my

The Descent Ch. 03

back behind his balls, that was beginning to glow with pleasure. ‘You like?’ she asked. She started to push in a little harder. He could feel that broad tip pressing against a second point of resistance. She must have sensed it also — she stopped pressing, and slapped his balls again, not so hard this time. He gasped. The glow inside him was

Fixing My Car

wife stepped out of one leg and then using her other foot she flung her bright pink panties under the car at me. Next she was squatting down onto my cock forcing it up into her very eager pussy. She was more moist and I was more hard than either of us had been in quite a while. I could not believe that she was going to fuck me in our driveway

Going Shopping

as She had no wish for me to be arrested and She handed me a pair if flimsy briefs and told me to put them on, and also to wear the sandals I was allowed to wear in the garden. The briefs were red and a very tight fit which made the outline of my chastity cage stand out quite clearly and emphasized the shape of the padlock on the front. I could

My Co-Worker: The Perfect Slut

than be caught in the bar parking lot. She only lived a couple minutes up the street, and soon we arrived at her house. Before she even had a chance to flip the light on I was all over her. We had entered the kitchen and wasting no time, I pushed her forwards against the counter top effectively pinning her between me and it, with her facing

On the Job

Now I could see her sitting from my office. I sat with my door half-opened whenever I was available as part of my open-door policy. I didn’t think anything about it at the time, but was startled to see her in the space between the door and the jamb on the side the hinges were on, working with her skirt riding up, when I rolled my chair over a

A Girl's Fairy Tale Dream Come True Ch. 02

not yet met his lady right for him to care and nurture for the rest of their lives. Someone to share all these things he has. He then came to the thought of Trish who he had been wondering about and thought on how she was one of Kari’s best friends and surely she knows of her and Gary’s lifestyle. Then thought he knew Gary for over 5 years and he

Good Year For The Roses

same rose bush together. What’s more they were holding hands, one pulling the dead rose heads and the other taking them from her and dropping them into the basket. At almost the same moment I realised that I could hear Margery talking to someone — probably her new man – on the telephone in the bedroom. The windows being open because it was a warm

Sallys Fantasy

As I press my face to her opening I am aware of a delicate perfume as well as the natural muskiness of her sex. Does this woman who gives nothing away really apply the fragrance every morning just in case? My tongue probes. Monique squirms. Her thighs close against the sides of my head. For some while I devote all my concentration to melting

Discovering Amanda

he might have changed his mind or lost interest. Before he responded a shiver run down her back; what would she do if she had already blown it and let him slip away?"You made a good decision," was all he said.Amanda silently sighed and took a breath of relief.A few days later he phoned and told her he had made reservations at a suite hotel just

her Devotion to Him Ch. 13

He shuddered in delight feeling the impact of His balls against His clit, a hard moan erupted from His throat as His cum flooded that slick, sweet channel, the first of many orgasms He planned on having with His girl today, the sound, the feel of her needing to cum so soon drove Him mad, His thrusts became harder, pushing as deep into that tight

Jack's ex, Jack's slave Ch. 05

there waiting. He seemed like a nice guy, offered them some coffee and was generally jovial, despite his situation. Jack was sorry for him, to be stuck in such a jam. They sat down at the table, and Francine started discussing the counter-offer.Jack interrupted her after a minute."Look, sir, I want this whole building. I assume that you have

Office Sluts: Evil Clowns From Outer Space

pretty tired though. Her eyes were already closed. “I think you like all this shit you told me.” I said gently. “Big black cocks, latex, anal, lot of cum...” “Yeah, I like it... But they were laughing all the while! With their loud, evil laugh! It was terrible!” she murmured with eyes closed. And that was all, she fell fast asleep. I turned

Decked Out In Savannah

image of my person in the greasy mirror glass behind the barrels of the bar. "Perhaps I am in an Absinthe state of mental corrosion?" The barkeep in an apron. Stained with last eve's messes and stale air of cum. As it hung in the air. The musk of the widow Henrietta's pussy wafted between me and the livery spittoon. She and the dowager Musette

Guardian Angel Ch. 03

he heard the soft sound of a woman weeping behind him. He had turned just in time to see the woman remove her hands from her teary face, and he was mesmerized. She was absolutely beautiful. He had noticed that she kept her eyes closed, and he realized that she didn’t know that he was there. Part of him wanted to leave her alone with her grief,

They Never Get Pregnant

to remain slippery and not dry up. After ten minutes of fucking her throat I began to cum hard. It felt so good to be that deep in her mouth and down her throat. Alive she would of never allowed me to go that deep, that hard, and cum down her throat. I was beginning to get even more turned on. Even after cumming I was still stroking it slightly.

Diversion -- Part 6

again as I shouted his name! I began to convulse around him in my first of many orgasms. He carried me over to the bed, set me on the edge and pulled out of me. He then pushed me back and began to kiss my lips. He then kissed my neck down to my collar bone and sucked there leaving a slight mark. He then moves to my other collar bone and licks it

Beach Bitch 3

throat. I would pull back enough to feel and taste his jetting cum, then have his cock forced down my throat once again. I kept cuming and cuming, filled with cock both ends and having sweet warm cum pumped into me in large amounts at each end.After an age of orgasms stretching on for many minutes that seemed like hours the guys finally stopped

Planet in crisis

sociologists and social workers are too close to the problem and cannot ‘see the wood for the trees’.I would like to have an interview with you soon (and it will have to be very soon because the point of no return is in under 10 years after which extinction will be inevitable) to present my plan for the total revision of the global political

I Love You Ch. 07

tore the envelope opened and read the contents. Dear Jezebel I am so sorry for the things I said to you! I am selfish and inconsiderate! You were right, if I truly loved you it shouldn’t matter if the baby isn’t mine, it is a part of you and that’s all that matters! Your right, I would make a good father and yes, I will raise the baby as my own

The Pizza Guy

water, he said, “My name’s Rusty and I’m eighteen in case you’re wondering.” “Hi Rusty, You already know my name because it was on my pizza order.” The door was open so I watch him towel off and stand naked in front of the mirror, fussing over his damp hair and fluffing up his pubic hair before turning around and reminded me that he was

Sex with Jack Frost: A Short Story

revealing the legendary Jack Frost’s cock.“Holy cow, this thing has got to be at least eight inches!” Jamie said, ecstatic.“Yea, I guess us guardians are blessed.” Jack said laughing.Jamie sat between Jack’s skinny legs stroking his giant protrusion, wondering how he was going to fit it all in his mouth. His dick was just as pale as the rest of

Young Man Finds Heaven in The Hot Tub

which she began to toss into a large basket. She was about half way through the clothes and ran out of room in the basket. She went to her room to get her basket to finish up her son’s room with as little trouble as possible. She heard the front door open and the sound of Jason, her son, and his best friend William coming down the hall. She

Slut in training.

away for a few minutes and she comes down from the pleasure high slightly, feeling the burning sensation of pain and beginning to shake with adrenalin. She hears him move closer again, he rolls a nipple between his fingers and pinches harder than she could have imagined. Her nipples are so sensitive as he twists and pulls them, his fingertips

Gina’s Life Ch. 10

to church?’ ‘Lucy, I told you I’m meeting Andrew for dinner tonight. Anyway, I think it looks smart.’ ‘Jackie, get in here. I think Gina has bumped her head.’ Jackie looked me up and down and started laughing, which started Lucy off. Now I didn’t want to start snapping at them, it would just make things worse. I went to my room and slammed the

Game Time

or one of the others."I took him into my mouth. In the following few minutes, in rapid succession, I sucked them all. It wasn't languid or sultry sucking, either. They pulled me back and forth between their cocks, sharing my mouth, taking their pleasure from passing me around, not from being sucked. They made me gag, tried to choke me going down


her that there was no bone injury and sent her to an orthopedist who told her that she needed an MRI. She shuddered at the thought of the enclosed tube. She was only slightly claustrophobic, so it didn’t usually bother her, but this was a tighter enclosure than normal. The nurse gave her the phone when she got out to the waiting area so she

Light of Hellfire: Chapter 4

Do you have any orders or suggestions?” Again the disk began to move. “Continue to monitor her, but do not try to attack her. She is keeping him confused, so killing her would do nothing but focus his mind back on you, not to mention it would trigger his rage.”“Yes My Lord, and I already know how to create some Gargoyle reinforcements…”Baltoh

Min Wong Forces Kate (Part Three)

licking. She's very juicy. Tasty. Yummy. I lick up and down to get the sweet juices that have leaked out. Then I start jabbing my tongue into her slit. Up and down the slit. In and out. I tongue fuck her pussy. Finding her love button, I close my lips on it and suck hard.Her body is squirming. She is starting to buck. I know she is just about to

Boy did she surprise me

she was fingering her. After what seemed like ages but must have only been moments Beth slowly removed her hand and immediately started sucking on her own fingers. As Sara left, Beth turned to me and kissed me, allowing me to enjoy the taste of another women for her mouth. Breaking the kiss she simply said to me “Take me home now”.The short

A Special Kind of Love Ch. 02

Jessie,’ said the shorter one. ‘Nice to meet you.’ ‘O-oh…’ I said. ‘Hi. I’m—’ ‘Ali. We know,’ Jessie said. ‘Billy talks a lot about you,’ Courtney told me. ‘We… We never thought he’d find…a significant other. You’ve made such an impact on him.’ It took all my might stop myself from crying. I stood up and shook their hands. ‘W-wow, thanks…’ I

A Taste of Honey

enflamed it, and finally, she couldn’t help herself… and stuck both hands under her skirt, rubbing frantically. She began to moan wildly, so loudly the men were looking down at her and grinning, some of them sticking their hands down their own pants… and suddenly, the director gave an order, and the men took of their pants, right as Honey came

Karate Girls Ch. 1

and walked around in a panic. Jenny finally bounded up the stairs to get me with a belt in her hand. She barged into my room, slapped my face and yelled, "How dare you disobey me!" She took the belt, wrapped it around my neck and hauled me by it downstairs like a dog on the leash. She led me into the room as everyone howled and laughed, some

Fuck Doll - Chapter Nine

hands roam and dance over my back, gripping my arse cheeks every so often, and pulling me closer into him. I purr out through the kiss, letting out soft whimpers, enjoying his touch. The bubbling water around us teases my skin. I can feel him growing harder between my thighs. I softly roll my hips on him. He reaches up, and tugs my pigtailed

Caroline, Customer or Commodity? Ch. 03

others had different corsets, high fashion not bdsm, and hold up stockings, more chic than slut, suddenly she felt dirty, ashamed somehow, as if Sarah had dressed her down.Caroline was still staring when Frank walked in with a smartly dressed American businessman, who introduced himself with a cheery, "Hi girls, who wants to play with Sammy."

Husband Gets Punished By Mistress

cigarette and you do as you're told. When you walk back out of the bathroom she beckons you over again. This time you know she is wanting a little more. "Get on your knees again," she says sliding toward the front of the chair. "Now, my little slut, you do exactly as you're told. Come closer. That's right. Now, I want you to suck on my pussy

OZone 07 : Dear John

Barbara have an early dinner planned. That is once they manage to fumigate poor Nina. She was attacked by a rather annoyed skunk in the woods."Oz shakes his head, "We both know that weren't any coincidence. Nora was defending her Master." Joseph nods with a pucker, "You still believe she's roaming the family estate. Dear boy. Nora is in Heaven.

In the Valley of the Amazons Ch. 06

we could discourage interlopers. It was gory, really a disgusting idea, but I was pretty sure it would keep trespassers away. I’d take the necessary steps later in the week, but first we needed to have a meeting of the men and their lovers. I gathered all the new men in the dining hall. We’d already had some meetings to discuss how they were

Double Switch Ch. 17

inebriated condition, he and Frank had gotten the two bedrooms mixed up. But he quickly concluded it would be too embarrassing to reveal such a ridiculous goof-up. Besides, who would believe a tale like that? No, he didn’t dare say anything. All he could hope for, would be that his sister-in-law would cease her apparent attempts to make love to

A sisters loveing arms

bad dream and there was nothing to worry about. Another flash of lightning and a roar of thunder sent her flying from underneath the covers and to the door. She shurredly slipped on a silk night shirt over her black laced bra. She half walked half sprinted to her sisters bedroom woundering if she was awake. She knocked softly on the door and

A Slackers Tale Ch. 05

of the pain had been replaced by the sheer pleasure he felt as she continued her gentle, sensual stroking. "Ooh yes... Miss pia, I will remember." "Now Rick, the laptop, I will use that now." "Yes Miss Pia." He reluctantly moved away from her stroking hand, pulled the coffee table over to where she sat, opened the laptop lid and woke the sleeping

Model Sex Slave Ch. 05

inside."To Be Continued...* * * * *I write sexual fantasies for readers who are not offended by it. Other people produce fantasies wherein cartoon animals talk like people. Even very little people know that in real life, animals don't talk Comments would be appreciated, keep in mind that my computer is Attachment Challenged, so please place your

Rhona the Templar 2

being carried off by a large bugger bear, and Bella her horse, led away by another.“Bella” she was to weak to call out her name. She proped herself up one shoulder. She took a deep breath, and heaved herself so she sat upright against the tree trunk she had been fucked against some minutes before. Globs of cum leaked down her body. She attempted

Superheroine defeat and degradation Series Chapter 1: Wonder woman Bred by mutts.

buried in her and began rotating her hips on him. The orgasm was building, almost here."OHHERA, I'M CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG!!!" Her hips rotated and thrust, her vaginal muscles squeezed and released the cock and finally the dog could hold it no more and began to spurt his cum into her. For Diana it was hotter than anything she had felt and it pushed her

En Vacances Part 5: Fucktoy Tease

I’m clinging to the balcony rail, my body shaking from the after tremors caused by Anita’s fingers’ twin assault on my arse and pussy. Ejaculant drips from between my legs, my vagina an open faucet with a stopcock that can’t quite be fully closed, my thighs streaked with its slippery wetness, my calves and feet splattered, and there is a rather

Christmas Shopping

above her waist. Then she began to crawl up my body until I felt my cock pressing against her dripping pussy. I need your cock inside of me… she whispered in my ear. Here, now? I said with concern. What about the people walking around outside of the car? Fuck them, if they want to watch let them! She said. The mixture of feeling Susans wet pussy


on another day. Instead she sucked me off again. Very slowly this time because it would be my third climax, and I knew it would be all the cum I had for her for awhile.. But she was so good at cock sucking and could actually squeeze my cock with her throat when my dick was all the way to my balls, with my balls against her chin, that I came with

The ghost rape, Chinesse

I screamed as I saw her laughing at me, with blood running through her teeth. "Do you realise what you've just done to me?""Let me guess...I turned you into a total good for nothing?"As I broke my sanity through pain and pride, I lost myself and broke her neck. Then I stepped back, and before I realised what had happened, having the window behind

Caitlyn’s Treatment Ch. 07

that John was very complimentary about my new polka dot panty and bra set, that he gave me some fine coaching on what men like when they are blown, and that the highlight of the session had been my time with Mr. Blacky. Mr. Blacky is this 9 inch black rubber cock that John has girls practice with. I remember that he got me nude – cause it makes

My brother the pop star

air by his arms as he slammed his cock into my wet pussy. I shifted in my seat pushing my legs together. I could feel myself getting wet from the thought.  After we ordered the food and had a little conversation Myca announced she had to use the bathroom. Alex had to, too so it was just me and Jordon sitting here now. I felt a bit awkward and

Pearl Necklace (pt. 2)

enjoying. I watch in horror as more pre-cum gets painted onto the top of my chest and between my breasts on his strokes, coating me with his man-made lubrication. His cock continues to get closer and closer to my face as he gets more into it. I turn my face, not wanting it to accidently slip between my lips. Now that he’s so far up, the tip is

A Love Lost, Never to be Forgotten

girlfriend out to dinner?’ he replies, gazing into her eyes. She smiles as she sips her wine staring deep into his brilliant blue eyes, made even brighter by his jet black hair. The waiter comes with two plates. One with a steak on it and the other with a perfectly cooked salmon. The waiter sets them down and leaves, the gaze of the lovers never

Dirty Kelly 1

Ooo Over the next few years, Kelly and Ray’s life improved on both marital and financial fronts. All was good. Except one thing. Sex. Isn’t it always? Kelly continued in the development of her career in management, while Ray made even more big bucks, but still having to do it, working in London. It wasn’t, and never would be, ideal. Yes, he got

Teaching Tammy, part 2

gave you a gift, and you should show him how much you appreciate it by swallowing it up. I gagged a little, and tears started to form at the corners of my eyes. Mildred held me in place and the flash in her eyes reminded me that she was the adult, and I should do what she wanted me to do. I swallowed Hanks salty, hot cum, and Mildred let go of

Graduation and… Ch. 17

stroked her as gently as any man ever had. Then her head rolled back and her face became a mask of passion when his lips and tongue began to work on her breasts. ‘Nice!!! Oh, God, Lee!! That feels soooo nice!!!’ she cooed as his mouth worked on her, building her exhilaration to startling levels. She’d never felt this good just from having her

The Demerit System, part 9

Pete – her ass resting against his hip and her head using Pete’s arm as a pillow.Pete carefully extracted himself – the girls stirred, but didn’t awaken – and headed into the bathroom. After he was done getting ready for the day, he headed downstairs to make breakfast. He was peering into the back of the fridge when he heard footsteps behind him

Sex and the Working Girl:Like Mother Like Daughter

running late, honey. Let's shower together. It'll save some time. You can wash my back, I'll wash you, and we can finish what we just started. I think…" Mom slid a hand between my legs and shoved her long slender finger inside my now sopping wet hole. "…you want me to make love to you as much as I want you to make love to me." "Oh, Jesus,

Captain's Woes Ch. 03

dick, she whispered into his ear "I could suck your cock for you."Dan really didn't have the time to play around, but the way she offered to suck his dick turned him on so much. "Let's go."Stripping off each others clothes, they jumped into the shower, shocked as the cold water hit their hot skin. Ashleigh didn't let that bother her, though, and

My Holiday in Florence (1)

on my stomach and just into the top of my pubic hair. Then he pointed at my genitals and said"You have a lovely soft body, and these are especially beautiful. I would love to soap and clean them; that is if you don't mind me touching you there."I said I didn't mind him touching me if he wanted to. He said he would love to feel my young manhood in

Better Ch. 12

Not in your brother’s house. I just met them not even an hour ago.” “And I’ve had a raging hardon for you since I left your house this morning,” I said, pressing my ever hardening cock against her so she’d get my message. “And I bet you’re wet for me, too.” I slipped my finger through her bathing suit bottom I and could tell that she had just

Chloe’s Dream

only grew worse, and after taking some pain killers, Chloe collapsed in her bed naked for the first time in over three years, and quickly fell asleep. ~*~*~*~ Chloe felt a hand stroke her hair and touch her arm. She opened her eyes to see David lying next to her. ‘David?’ she whispered. He placed his finger gently on her lips and said, ‘Shhhh.’

I watched my mom part 2

to stroke me.“Don’t you want to cum on me?” she asked coyly.“No, Roxie, I wanna fuck you and cum in you!”I was flush with desire. This was crazier that I imagined. I suddenly felt her lips wrap around my cock. She started sucking my head hard. My knees buckled at the force. She pulled her lips off my shaft with a pop.“I want you to come in the

Rocket Pop

then I don't stand a chance.I get out of bed and walk over to the floor to ceiling mirror on one side of my bedroom. I lift my arms and do a slow spin. I don't have a perfect body but it's pretty damn close. I'm 5ft 6in. Long legs, long blond hair that falls to my waist. I have big blue eyes. I'm a 36 D. There's a scar across my tummy that I've

Mike and Angie part 2

my clit. "Mmm you like that baby?" Justin asks."I'm not your baby," I snap."But I do like it."With that, he gets a lip lock around my clit, furiously licking it. I grab the sides of the table, moaning loudly. He then slowly starts poking his index finger at my opening. As he begins to insert it gently inside me, I let out a loud gasp. I"ve never

A Visit From the VP of IT

friend comments, your on-line and private chats, and all I can say is that you are one exciting woman," again with that fucking smirk.I could tell my face was beet red because I got a super hot flash. Instead of trying to explain or come up with excuses, I decided the best tactic was to 'own it'."I don't think you should be looking at my private

War For A Rose: 1455

as he made his way into the nearby forestry.‘Just a bit further, before I get caught by these Yorkist dogs!’ The man shouted in a final effort to motivate himself. If he was caught he would be tortured until he told them what they wanted to know, why had he gone and broken into the hold of Sir Berren, a bannerman to the House of York and

Danny becomes Danni. Part 5 the ending..

sex comes when all are on the same page. Where Danni goes from here one may never know. She's cummed a long way to get to this point. And her future is bright as it always was. But she'll look back upon this for she knows....that sexually she will be adept and ready. And if happy for it. Danny became Danni...after her

Celestial Wars Ch. 01

not be read without reading that first. I have broken the story into three parts. (Mainly due to fan encouragement). Each part will be six chapters long and about sixty pages in a word processor. Also, in lieu of some emails I have received I feel obligated to warn you gentle reader, that this is story does not immediately launch into the sex.

The Break-In

months since she surprised him down in Texas and she felt like the bursts of cum would never end as they spewed down her throat and covered her lips. Finally Nick pulled his cock from her mouth and allowed her to lick the drips streaming down her chin off. He smiled his own evil smile as she caught her breath and he pushed her back down onto the

The Band - Bad Sex

pussy, she let out a soft moan of pleasure. Tanni's hot vulva pulsed against his finger, her back arching as her small feet pressed delicately against his shoulders. He flicked his tongue against what he thought was the clit, but, despite her being completely hairless down there, he couldn’t be sure. Perhaps it was the poor light. But most

Escape From Buggery Ch. 08

the cock in that? Buttercup smiled back at Sharon and ran her tongue over her lips, clearly advertising her continued availability. Sharon was just not interested, which was unusual for her. Somehow or other, conversation began about Tracey and Sharon’s life before they’d come to Buggery. Buttercup listened to their account of life back home,

Grant and Thelma Ch. 01

friends, members of their exclusive country club. And being quite the rouge, he slept with a few of these women discretely. Still none of them made fire course through his veins like that brown skinned chain smoking Thelma, with her soft, wavy boyish hair cut, and chain smoking ways. When an entire week went by and she didn’t call, he decided to

Falling Ch. 09

Sure, I’d do anything for Stacey, but that didn’t mean I was excited about the idea of making it with my own mother, that was just gross. I wasn’t sure if Stacey had planned it that way or not, but Mom apparently had discovered a way to break through her mental block against self-gratification. Now I just had to think fast enough to get her

Manipulated by Mom’s Friend

I thought we could have some more fun, shall we?” The first thought after hearing that was ‘I just fucking came all over your chest how on earth will I be able to get hard right after’ I directly told her “I had just cum I don’t think I’ll be able to get hard” But she gripped my dick and started stroking it, I remember the words coming out from

Just Down the Road

court?” She asked. I reached over the front seat finding my jacket in a ball on the floor, I pulled my phone out and saw the time. “About 15 minutes. I’m going to be a bit late but again I’m not complaining.” “Will you be in trouble?” “No I’ll call the clerk. It’ll make it cool.” I grabbed my t-shirt and boxers. Handing her my t-shirt to clean

my first gay experiance

his cock deeper inside my mouth, I was struggling to breath but he kept face fucking me. I then felt this sharp pain on my ass as his belt hit me, he hit me again and again before pulling his cock out of my mouth and layed me on to my back. He started to bite my nipples and squeeze my ass. He then lefted my legs up towards my head and he then

A Homecumming Delight

send me over the edge into the most powerful orgasm. I'm cumming. I'm cumming over and over again, and it's all for you. You ask me where you should finish, but I can't speak as you continue your assault on my clit and my ass.I feel your balls clench up and your body stiffen as you empty your hot, creamy load into my greedy ass while you continue

Moms New Girlfriend (she had a dick)

girls quietly moaned. I watched Cindy squirm and shoot a blast of cum in Carlas mouth, right in front of me. It make me cum hard as Carla held me tight and fucked me hard. We all panted and squirmed in awesome delight. I finally rolled off Carla to catch my breath. Cindy got on Carla and fuck her for a long time until they both came again. I was

Mr. Spanky Goes to Heaven

gulp, and sighed. "God, I needed that!" she said, wiping her lips with the back of her hand as she handed me the bottle. She chased the shot with a sip of water. I was so shocked I took a sip of schnapps and a gulp of water. "Don't you just hate Sunday mornings?" she asked me. "I can't wait to get home and relax!" She turned her back to me. We

Unexpected Visitor Part Seven

possibility.” “You are quite right though. What you heard was the sounds of our joint pleasure.” I went on. “But we are not what you would class as a ‘gay couple’. Maybe later we will explain what is going on between us.” With that, we all got on with our meal in relative silence. By the time we had finished eating, the feeling of embarrassment

What a Night!

so bad I thought my skin was going to split open. I think I might have held my breath because I was almost dizzy, but again, I must say, I took it like a champ. I could barely catch my breath, when he said "I have a special treat for you tonight". I thought I heard a glass of liquid and ice cubes clanking. I thought what the hell is doing, taking

The Stranger: Part 2

without his help.He tilted his head back and grunted, completely consumed by ecstasy.“Ugh..uh….FUCK….YES!” he grunted as she milked his cock faster.She was starting to really enjoy this now and she could feel herself becoming wet.Gazing up at him, she took as much of his length into her mouth as she could and began to bob her head up and down the

Shona’s Summer Holiday Ch. 04

and smiled. “OK.” Nina stood up, slipping her shorts off her long legs. She was even sexier than Shona had imagined, her innocence coupled with her incredible body. In the pool, the two women began talking about men and college. Nina said that she didn’t date guys too much. Shona asked, “What about women?” Nina blushed, looking to the side. As

Pillow Thoughts & Next Morning

sleepily and open slightly, so that my other hand now slips between your legs and caresses you gently across your mound and valley. I feel you stir and the sudden wetness emanating from your sex, encouraging my fingers to your clit. As I gently brush my hand across your breast and with my other hand caress and circle your enlarging bud, you push

Window of Opportunity

a band T-shirt atop jeans. The cold didn't seem to bother her. She had high cheekbones that delineated a petite button nose resting above a cupid's bow laced with dirty promise. A nose jewel glinted in the half light.I stammered mainly vowels; certainly nothing that resembled complete words, mind amok trying to conjure a plausible excuse why I

My Fetish

strange. I used to get so horny if l made them a sandwich to eat seeing them swallow a mouthful got my cock so hard l had to fuck my wife as soon as her friends left. The marriage only lasted 2 years and we went our separate ways, l moved home just before Christmas and went to family party, l had a strange experience when the party ended. I went

Good Girl Ch. 02

you, as I requested. You've been absolutely magnificent this evening. Would you like a reward?""Yes, please, Dr. Stoll." Without speaking, James knelt down in front of her and unlatched part of the chair, allowing the two legs to swing apart, spreading Alex wide open. She gasped and squirmed in her bonds, but there was hardly any room to move. He

Fingering my Sis, Fucking My neice. The family Crew 01

out of her pussy, the vacuum in her fuck hole left barren without a cock in it, only for me to force it out in a hot, steamy, cunt fart that smelled of her deflowered cunt, squirt, piss, blood and my hard cock."YES JAI, FUCKING RIP ME UP, I DONT CARE JAI, FUCK MY CUNNY HOLE, BEAT MY GUTS UP BABY.... UHHHH... AHHH.... IT HURTS... UHHHH UHHH OOOH,

Jades mother day gift two

beautiful mother and hopefully be able to pleasure her beofre anyone else came out there. Bailey moaned loudly as she came on her daughters talented tongue. Jade was happy to please her mother as they both lay on the bed embraced and ready for a rest. Out by the pool May and Micheal were splashing around as he moved closer to

Pleasuring a Granny Ch. 4

for a 39-year-old woman. She had also revealed a very hairy pubic area, of which she was suddenly beginning to feel ashamed.Brenda's pulse quickened as she thought to herself, never mind the professional job, I want this woman and now is the time to let her know it. She placed herself in front of Jean and cupped her full breasts."Let's start at

Lisas Transformation 5-8

to orgasm. "Ha! See, you like this! You really are a slave young slut" the man laughed once again.Maybe she really was she thought to herself.Now she wanted more, not less. She wanted an orgasm."Please, let me finish that" Lisa begged."Oh, you might ask for whatever you want but we're done young slave" the man said.He released Lisa from the

Sweet Anal

of happiness I’ve never experienced before. I gazed up at him and smiled as he was sleeping. His face was beautiful and peaceful. His lips so soft, so kissable. The thought of his lips on mine made my mouth water, as I craved his touch. I brought my hand that was resting on his stomach and softly traced the out line of his lips with the tip of my

A Win-Win Situation

is so humiliating!" I reminded her that I had won, and she did as I asked. This time, when I pushed hard, about two inches of my cock went up her asshole. She gasped, and said, "I don't think -" but I interrupted her by pushing it in a little further.She said, "Bob, that is uncomfortable", but my answer was to give her another inch. She

Power Chapter Four: The Sleeping Attire Party

cornered me and reached simultaneously for my dick. It was the first time I remembered anyone but me touching my dick. Of course, the girl who gave me the blow job the night before had touched it, but I had no memory of that. They called over the guys who hauled me out of the water and put me on display. My cock was shriveled and withdrawn; I

The best night in a hostel

was no longer stroking her clit. Madison leaned over the take Jessie’s place but before she could, Jason reached over and drove his fingers into Sam’s hole. She arched her back and moaned against Madison’s pussy. Jason looked up at Madison and winked “Look, I’m fucking two girls at once.” Surprisingly, Madison giggled. “You still have another

Amy Goes from Hair Stylist to House Pt. 11

are nearing our destination. She instructs me to dress and returns my white dress. I wash up and touch up my makeup. When I return to my seat. Master is reading a paper.He straps me in for the landing as Michelle buckles in across from me. She too has dressed again. We exchange knowing glances, as I blush with thoughts of having shared Master

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 03

I might step on your toes…Hey, looks like Leah’s finally getting Eric to his feet.’ Andrew said. Alison looked over his shoulder. ‘I’m surprised he can still stand at this point – he hates weddings.’ She replied. ‘He’s usually well on his way to getting drunk by now.’ Alison realised that Andrew was looking at her. She found his gaze slightly

Laurie wakes up the morning after and can’t remember what happened at the office New Year’s Eve party

Barry just offered her a blaze’greeting. He looked like he had a painful headache anddidn’t want to be at work at all. Laurie stood therewaiting for a leer or a suggestive comment. Somethinglike, “Man Laurie, you where smokin’ last night!” Be hejust shuffled back to his office and shut his door.Laurie was speechless. The bastard had just treated

Beau of Les Belles Pt. 03

a game of poker, alright, just not that kind of poker!"John didn't like his name being brought into this. He didn't like where this seemed to be headed at all. ."Oh dear. Caught red handed! What shall I do? I know, I'll promise you to put it to an end, I mean, put it into his end... Wait, is that what I mean? How about, I promise to put an end to

Mistress J's Stepmother!

clitoris as she continued coming in the throes of multiple orgasms started by her daughter's mouth. Judi was cursing calling me all kinds of nasty names as I cleaned her asshole like a bottle brush with my tongue. I was fortunate that her mother had finger fucked Judi quite deeply and it was only tasting a little soapy. Finally realizing that

Kerrie’s Journey, Chapter 2: I explore online

stimulated me and I became aroused. My pussy became wet and occasionally I would even climax, although usually that followed later as I lay in bed. I lost my ‘cyber virginity’ with Carrie from Toronto who, like me, had had her bi-side stimulated by a massage. I got brave and started using a cam. I had my first climax on cam with (and watched by)

Selfish Sex

then if I’m alone with one man or better yet, two men. Women tend to be more guarded around other women. At least I think it’s true of me. Alone with men it seems I can be as naughty as I want and believe it or not, even as naughty as two men can possibly expect a woman to be. Nowadays, if my husband George is one of those men the expectations of

Another day

“No please don’t” its out before I can stop it, I shiver wondering what your reaction will be now, nothing is normally calculated to cause you to do exactly the opposite of what I want than to beg you not to do it. My head drops between my arms as I cower at you possible reaction. Suddenly your hand hard and calloused is touching my pussy,

Extended Reunion

I said as she dried off clearly admiring her own nipples through the fabric. "Oh yeah, well, it's the one I brought from college, and I really wasn't thinking about being with family in this thing." seeming to quickly defend her choice. "I hope you don't mind." She said with a sly grin as she continued to dry her tight little body off. Uncle

A Night to Remember

woman and you deserve better than him." She looked up into my eyes and said thank you before she layed her head across my lap. I dozed off and started having a very erotic dream. Suddenly I awoke and felt instantly embarrassed because I had a massive hard on. That was when I saw her sitting on the floor in front of me. She looked into my eyes and

Without You I Have Nothing Ch. 02

poem in the strange musical sound. No wonder the lure of the track is strong for so many people. Even the sounds add to the excitement.’ Desperately he tried to break though Jennifer’s reserve. With her green eyes even darker than before, she turned to him. ‘You haven’t made a single bet. Don’t let me spoil your fun.’ ‘Spoil my fun?’ Peter

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

see him drooling when a sexy woman is near him. His reputation is a joke among the employees. We always say he must not be getting enough at home. I know this about him, and thought it would help you get the job. The look of disbelief turned to one of anger. Why would you want me to work for a person like that? she demanded. Rachel, honey, this

Pleasing My Master

cum until told too.""Yes Master," she whispers.She feels the flogger once again being drug across her body and she quivers. Slowly down her arms, across her chest, down her legs. Then she feels the sting of it against her pussy. She moans in pleasure. Again and again, the flogger comes down across her pussy. She squirms and raises her hips with

The Trip Part 3

to pick something up off of the floor, my pussy tingled and I just wanted to eat her out so bad as I stared at her ass. I wonder if I'd be able to seduce her maybe. Ugh, what the hell am I thinking? She's married, I'm under 18, I'm fucking her son, and I highly doubt she's bisexual or even lesbian. It's still fun to imagine though.I step out of

We have a Game – part 2

out. The other bar was a bit too quiet for being naughty even if perfect for flashing. This one was loud, plenty of blokes making conversation although there were a few women there too. It was an old fashioned pub with a horseshoe shaped bar. One big area at the apex with three little private snug areas down one side. It had a spiral staircase on

Maddie and Drew, Chapter Two

throws them down to the floor. My panties are next, following the same fate and soon, there I am, with nothing between my body and Drew’s greedy eyes. Expecting an immediate attack on my pussy, Drew surprises me as, instead of heading straight to my snatch, he takes my foot in his hand, lifts it to his mouth and softly kisses every one of my

The Milf Chronicles – Sara

At least that was the plan. Until Kara came into the kitchen dressed for her part-time job. Sara was just pouring herself some coffee, dressed in an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt that she referred to as her ‘lounging clothes.’ She turned and looked at Kara as she came into the room, and her eyebrows went up. ‘You’re dressed for work? What

Phone Sex Operator's Mistake Ch. 02

was a satisfied murmur from a few of the heads in the room. He clicked the button again and went to a full screen shot of her face, lips closing around the head of a thick, pale and purple-veined cock."As usual, we have an excellent product to offer. No husband or children, no terribly close friends, no strong connections to any professional or

A Slave Trainer Ch. 03

out of my office. She's eager, willing, and meek, all the ingredients in a natural born slave. She'd make a good breeder, and will fetch a high price on the market with a body like that, but there's no way I'm - The phone ringing jerks me out of my musings. "This is Master Benjamin.""Hey Benny! I'm thinking it's time for one of those bashes we


it makes her even sweeter. She turns away from me and bends over while sliding her skirt and panties down, teasing me with a glimpse of her pussy from behind. As I watch her move over to the bed, I feel his muscular body press up against the back of mine. Moving my hair out of the way with one hand and holding me steady at the waist with his

I Love Footjob

However, it did not rest long. When I felt her soft feet under my ****, I started to pump my hips, causing my **** to slide back and forth over the tops of her feet. All the time, I was still orally worshipping Jane’s lovely feet and toes. This was bliss, ******* one girl’s feet while I sucked the other’s. Mary knew what turned me on. She grasped

Don't Fuck with the Chair

me go before this goes too far. I won't do anything if you let me go."Wendy shook her head sadly, and said "I don't know why I love you but I do, but Christ almighty you gotta learn some shit I'm trying to teach you here."She climbed on top of the chair, & settled her ass on my face. "Lick Vic!" She yelled.Faced with eating her ass, or

understand what it means to be a bi-sexual male: chatper 3

is where my life took a worst and best turn. After I was release I told my parents that I was bi-sexual my father start yelling at me say that I was no son of his and that I got what I deserved for leading a disgusting life. He told me unless I change my life then I was not allowed under his room because god did not allow that life. I called

Vacation with Teens -5- Leahs First Time

room. Since their rooms were all connected, Leah had left her keycard with Emma and came in through Robert and Sarah’s room. Robert had planned to go to town on himself once he got back to the hotel room. Maybe even sneaking into the girls’ rooms to find some more panties. Since that time in the bathroom, he hadn’t managed to keep his mind off

Fantasies and Surprises

her toes through the nylon, as she rubbed it up further and further. By the time she got over my knee, I was on the way to hyperventilating. I am pretty experienced— nothing too excellent, but I had a normal history. And yet this soft rubbing of her foot against me, especially seeing her smiling innocent face right across from me, made me feel as

My English Professor

with a mischievous grin and then take all of his cock in my mouth. He runs his fingers through my hair as I lick and suck him harder. After a few minutes I can hear him moaning and his cock gets even harder as loads of hot cum shoots into my mouth. I lick him up, then get up to kiss him. “You’re such a naughty student,” he says breathless. “I

Stepdaughters Have Fun With Their Stepfathers

throbbing shaft. Her other hand massaged my inner thighs and tickled my anus. I was about orgasm, Tess squeezed the base of the shaft and waited until I had calmed down. She leaned forward and gently exhaled over my enlarged scrotum, up the shaft, and over the head. She then leaned over the head, dribbled saliva over the head and down the

The Slime Who Loved Me

my hands back. I was fantasizing groping my sister, not something I normally did. I mean, I love my sister in a big brother, protect her, kind of way. I had never actually thought of her as a woman, most of my mental images of her being in the eight to ten-year-old range when she'd been quite the tomboy. But I reminded myself, this isn't

Autumn Sunset

against the back of the antique claw-foot tub and sighed. “Something very special…” I thought, “for me?” My mind wandered and conjured up thousands of possibilities while my hand moved between my legs. The more I thought about what Kathryn could be planning, the closer my fingers got to the ring piercing my clit. I lay there in the tub, imagining

Morning Bells (Part Six)

and it looked all too sexual to me with his hand grasping her ass firmly enough to push it in and upward slightly. My face was beginning to fume, but she didn’t seem to find anything wrong with it as he drove his groin right up against her exposed mound pushing her leg higher up on top of his shoulder and breasts squished against him. He was

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Eight)

of soft skin hovering over my own flesh. I laid there, facing the door on my side. I could feel the warm breathe of Julia laying close behind me, as she snuggled up tight against the warmth of my own body to hug onto.A soft moan slipped from her lips behind, as I rolled gently over onto my back and looked upon Julia who had opened her eyes to

The Interloper, Chapter 5

her clit and she flinched, “Not yet.” He knew.Greg gripped her hips with his hands and was strong enough to lift her middle, opening her sex even wider. He pulled at the outer lips with his own lips, first one side, then the other. Instinctively, he knew when to switch. On the third switch, he tried his tongue.He lapped her outer lips and she

A Wicked Addiction

sparatically. “oooh… good stuff, baby” she groaned and got on her knees infront of the man who she had just met and started to do her job. Her hand rubbed his cock through his jeans as he just stared at her silently. Her hands were trembling and jerking as she groaned and wrapped her scrawny fingers around his member. Jerry loosend his tie

Repopulation 2020 (Part 2)

an elevated platform facing the entire room with a great view of the fireplace. My bathroom was walled in with glass and was the only private room. I had windows that looked out upon downtown.“Home sweet home?” Lisa asked in a semi sarcastic tone.“More than home Ms. Tarek, this is absolutely beautiful. Is this where I’ll be living?” I asked

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 08

It’s not your fault. They gave you some medication and you had a very bad reaction to it. I was told that it affected your mind and that your right arm is paralyzed. I was also told, though, that you should recover in time.’ ‘I don’t understand,’ I said. Aunt Dee said, ‘That’s ok. It isn’t your fault. I’ll do my best to get you out of here as


Bisexual. There was no denying it now. Just thinking about him turned her on. She couldn’t keep her hands off her pussy. Couldn’t keep her panties dry. God, what would Melinda say? Angie? The disgust they’d displayed sexually for men wasn’t one she’d ever shared. She’d just been indifferent. It wasn’t as if she had to tell them. Or anyone. But

The Ice Princess

great stamina. He also found that she had experimented sexually with other women, although she didn’t take it very far. It was all good news, for she was quite normal in her sexual habits also. It was nothing really surprising, except that she was more of a turn on than Brandon would have thought. This was even better information. Brandon was

Green Eyes

pink lips reached mine. I could feel her soft hands caressing up and down my back. I found my hands wrapped around her waist, pulling her body close to mine. She parts my lips with her tongue and for the first time, I actually taste how sweet she really is. She presses her lips into mine so hard I actually feel like she is swallowing my soul. My

Editing Reailty Book 2, Chapter 2: Midnight Surprise

drank in the heat of her. This wondrous delight that soaked them. My balls grew tighter and tighter. Anael's head shook from side to side as she slammed down my cock. Her pussy gripped me. Her silky sheath massaged me. I groaned, my fingers digging into her rump.She whimpered and groaned as she rode me. Her soft voice echoing around me as I

Free Universal Carnal Knowledge Pt. 10

how I was going to have my way with her. ‘I don’t understand what’s happening,’ she said bemusedly. ‘The last few days have been so strange. I’m not — I’m not going mad, am I?’ I reassured her on this point, and asked her to tell me more about herself. I learnt she was eighteen (spot on, I thought), she came from Worcester and had been undecided

Contest Ch. 06

it didn't slow his thrusts at all. Hank put his hand on her mound, thumb rubbing firmly on her swollen clit as he pounded her slick asshole.Violet let out a long, high wordless wail as her orgasm crashed over her, her ass clenched tight around the long thrusting dick, and still he moved quickly in and out of her. Her nerve endings burned with

Neighborhood Butt Fuck Ch. 02

other man's jizz. Angela gasped when she realized his intent, then moaned gutturally when he moved, not toward her waiting cunt, but up to her greedy mouth. He teased her for a moment, grinning while a couple of drops slid onto her face, then directed her to lick all that cum off before allowing her to suck on his dick. She frantically complied,

A Good Wife. Chapter 2

partly in fear of getting in their way and partly to hide my hard on. But at that moment I felt unable to stay seated. I had noticed when she stood with her back to me that there was a wet patch halfway up the back of her vest top. It all of a sudden became apparent where it had come from. As she kicked her leggings off and went to her knees I

Midnight Ch. 06

her chin before glancing at Nathan who remained strictly silent. As she examined the skull, her eyes widened slightly. I could see that she was becoming more excited. Diana squatted down so that she could examine the skull closely, carefully running her finger over two lines in it. One ran from between the eye sockets to the back and the other


It could have been five minutes, or an hour, she didn't know. She started coming back through the cotton wool cloud she was in and feeling His love, His pride in her, His happiness with her. She felt happy, complete, contented, calm and so comfortable. He had covered her with a blanket and was rubbing up and down on body. She smiled blissfully,

Susans Hunger Games

was perfect. She was also happily married and had a wonderful sex life with the man of her dreams. Susan also harboured a secret. She had an insatiable hunger for sex. It was something that just crept up on her from time to time. She would be perfectly happy with her sex life for ninety percent of the time. But every now and then, Susan needed to

Julie and the team part 1

Julie likes to watch!' he told them. They both grinned widely.'You like porn huh Julie?' asked Tim, smiling at me.'Maybe now you're here we don't need the porno!' said Ethan. He was staring at me excitedly. My heart started to beat faster.'Yeah, I've always wondered if you'd actually do all those things you love to watch,' said Sean, rubbing

Aiko and the Aliens

touch and taste of the alien organ was little different from those human cocks she had experienced before. Aiko licked the head of the alien cock again with more confidence and this sent a thrill of pleasure down to her pussy. The alien seemed to enjoy it also and he moved forward a bit more so that Aiko had more access to his penis with her

The Devil's Pact Chatper 50: The Bloody Knife

her dagger stuck in her daughter's back. “Why, mother?” “I couldn't let you kill any more people,” Thamina cried. “I'm so sorry. I love you, Tir.” Tir's sapphire eyes widened, and her body stiffened. She opened her mouth to speak, but only thick blood came out. She twitched once, then went still. Thamina collapsed on her daughter's body, shaking

Such is Life 7

off of probation." I said."Why were you on probation?" She asked."Because I'm a rookie. I just started a little over six months now." I said."Wow, you look really good! You know she would have loved to see you in that uniform." She said."I know." I said."So are you here for good?" She asked."Yeah for a while anyway." I said."Good, now we can see

Shipwrecked – Part 1

it is worth it. Part 2 will be up shortly as well, which will raise the temperature a lot of degrees more. We’d been away from home now for nearly 3 weeks, and were getting close to our goal. Our boat had conquered 30 foot waves, and horrendous hurricane force winds, and the 6 person crew (four men and two women) had become a slick team, any

A Video for Daddy

her now. And have you seen your daddys cock? he asked her with a smirk. Molly gasped at his use of the word cock and felt herself blush furiously. She readjusted herself on the bed so her moistening slit would feel the pressure of the mattress beneath her. I have seen it, she said meekly. I used to see it when he was in the shower when I was a

A City Meeting

movement, raising herself from my cock only an inch or two, but enough to send such sensations through me, that if I hadn’t cum a short while ago, I would have ejaculated there and then. My hands raised up to grip her nipples between my fingers, her movements stretching them and then relaxing the pressure. Our eyes were locked, reading each

Ragdoll Ch. 09

a great wisdom and a deep sadness in her hazel eyes. I stand and she embraces me. She asks me if I still possess the box. I show it to her and she nods.We wait. He comes. The Prince of Demons begins his ascent upon the bridge. The horde follows in his wake.Divine Mother tells me that I must remain where I am. I must not come to her aid and I must

Caught by the Tide Ch. 04

that as a yes, shall I?’ He drew back, lifted me up the bed until my head hit the pillows then straddled my thighs, holding me captive between his knees while his hands began gliding down my sides, skimming my breasts, my waist, my hips. ‘I’ve got much sexier nightdresses at home,’ I babbled, unaccountably nervous as he reached for the hem of my

Notable Last Words

be as blind as he was. I lost my wife, then my job, then my knee, then my only son and now even my damn cat is gone. We’d always been a small family and we couldn’t afford much but we had enough. I worked as a waiter all my life, my wife was a seamstress. ‘We tried to raise our son well and maybe we did too good of a job. He enlisted. Left a

Rolling Thunder

ended and in Major Abner Espinosa’s mind, all he wanted now is to get his Fatima with him. Sam isright, he have earned what was given to him the night before. It has cost him over a task force in manpower and combat vehicles, but to him the life of a mercenary is always surrounded by danger and death. At least he can rest for the time being. All

Luck ran out

came into the spare bedroom where i was trying to escape, as the door opened i just frooze, she came running in to find her B/f in her bridesmaid dress tied up she just stood there gob smacked and i wondered wat she was going to say/do. I just lay there silent as there was nothing i could do, she never sed a word she saw i was trying to get the

Naked Desire

Saima must have been 24 years at that time. Leave that, let me narrate the real thing. The Lecturer used to conduct weekend tests for self improvement. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend a test on Sunday and requested Mr. N.Swamy that I would appear for the test on Monday at 11 o’clock. He was a nice man and gave his kind consent. He also told me

Goa Trip Ch. 3

was such an erotic moment. I began fucking her nice, slow and deep. Faster, Faster, Fuck me faster!!! she groaned as she pulled up from his dick and started to jerk him, pushing her hips back against my dick. I move my thumb to the entrance of her tight asshole. Applying little pressure, I slip my thumb inside her pussy and wiggled it around.

Almost Persuaded

a man and a Marine.’ One thing I learned early is that a recruit could never win. Every day there would be an inspection by the DI. He always gigged me on something, and I swore to myself that before boot camp was over I’d pass inspection. I worked really hard at it and gradually I did better and better. I knew I was close when the only thing he

Skimpy Gardening Shorts

teased her about her upcoming birthday as soon as he found out. "And I am still in my twenties. You can't be a spinster and still be in your twenties."George started to laugh. "I can see the family resemblance now. Violet was a cheeky little thing too. Oh boy, whenever she had her mind on something, you had better watch out if you were in the

Samantha's Education Pt. 02

not to make a sound, as I slowly peer back in Danni's grabbing him by the back of his head pulling him to her pussy. "It's only the Damn Dog! Don't worry about it!" She's right Bull must have got up for some food or something.I'm thinking to myself "This is crazy; it's as if I'm trapped here!" I probably can quietly sneak back up the stairs, but

Mister Pt. 01

in agreement. Anything to not make him any more violent. "One of those things will include the rules of masturbation. Would you like to know these rules little girl?"Spank. This one was harder than the others. I cry out rather than answer. Spank. "I asked you a question." "Yes! Yes! For Christ sakes just stop fucking hitting me."I feel a sharp

Power Chapter 29: Marcy

each of us is responsible for ensuring that things remain under control. Sex is wonderful for recreation, for love, and for showing affection. Using sex for abuse, even verbal abuse, is a threat to everyone on campus. We did it as much for ourselves as for Nate.” Charlene paused, and Marcy had some questions. “My brother is gay, and I know Nate

Bad Romance/Back 2 School

checking my messages on my Fido cellphone and got a message from my landlord, an old white dude named Keith. He said that my asshole of a roommate, a Haitian bastard named Lenny, informed them that after a year with me at the apartment on Donald Street, he was moving out. Hell yeah. Good riddance. I decided to put the apartment up in search of a

Romance Most Wet

him into two pieces while he screamed, then swallowed them both.“Hmm,” said the king. “I suppose not.”A fierce commotion occurred in the hall, and suddenly Stephan came riding Rose’s great white stallion into the throne room.“My dove,” he yelled, “I’ve returned for you! Don’t marry that worm!”He looked around.“Where is that worm?” he said.Rose

As the Master Wishes Day 05

polishing. He stopped her before hand and had her sit in the chair before lowering his mouth towards her pussy. She sat there as calmly as she could while he inserted two fingers into her pussy towards where her egg was seated. He slowly pulled out the toy while she moaned before replacing his fingers with his mouth. She reached over and grabbed

Helping out a friend

her hard nipples pressing through her dress against me. I felt like a 16 year old, on the dance floor, getting hard. We sat down, finished our dinner and had one last dance before heading out. I breathed a sigh of relief when she quietly went into her room, and didn't invite me in. I love my wife, but still, I would have been tempted.I was in my

Youve Got Mail

How wet was your weekend?’I smiled to myself and hit the reply button, ‘hmmmm, you were?Not very, I was lacking inspiration….how about you? Any conquests, did you fuck a sweet girl and think of me? ‘Almost immediately he reponded, ‘Alas, not. This weekend was spent working, big deadline coming up. But I did find myself one handed more than once,

Quick & Dirty: Safe & Sound

be grazed by the harshly sore peaks.And I kiss her face. The lips distorted by that latex. Eyes searching hopefully. I flutter kisses over her useless, beautiful face. Those eyes can see my silhouette this close, and she smiles at me. She smiles and nods, and even that is futile, so I hold her face firmly between my hands as I kiss."Sadism," I

Who Seduced Who? Part 1

in trying to get my Wi-Fi working, that I hadn't even noticed the music! My heart was shouting yes, yes, yes, you want to dance in this handsome man's arms tonight. All night! But I somehow managed to find the strength to tease him a little. "But I don’t even know your name." I pretended to protest. Like I really needed to know his name to

A Genny Story… A Weekend in Traverse City

Traverse CityI am Genny.October in Michigan. If the rain hasn’t washed all the leaves off thetrees it can be the most beautiful season of the year. Melly and I hadbeen dating since mid-summer. By the middle of September we were exclusive. I wasalready madly in love with the girl. She was everything I wanted and yethad never even seen in a woman.

A Quick Stop for Tea and Fisting

you won’t write this down and show it to my dad in a hundred-so years?’ Vastra crossed her heart, somewhere down beside her waist. ‘Pray tell.’ ‘I… I have a lad over, right, and he does his thing—it’s not bad, it’s just not a hundred percent—mission accomplished, you know?’ She gestured for the pipe and Vastra gave it to her forthwith. After

Island Adventure

when we save someone from certain death.""Yeah, but you don't seem to understand. I am the chief executive officer of the Choplet-LaSalle Corporation, a very important company. I must get back to civilization at once."After the translation delay Manulu replied, "The chief will hold a private audience with you later. Please wait."Carol didn't like

The Next Time

uh, issue." "Well, I'm bored. Mind if we keep talking?" "Of course! I have nothing to do today and I myself am bored," Jon replied.  With that, Samantha started to chat about the inane things in her life. How she's glad that they had both graduated finally, and work was such a pain, it's nice to have a day off, and other such things that, when

Ebima Remembers.

undiluted hatred. “Your father... He sullied me... Wouldn't you say?” Again, Ebima nodded, looking thoughtful this time. Chris smiled, loving the fact that he had the upper hand. “Well then, there's only one thing to do.” He leaned forward, letting himself fall from the bed, knowing Ebima would catch him, which he did. Christopher drew himself up

Let The Domino's Fall

his grip gets as you soon realize that he is going to treat you as rough as needed to get himself off. Your muffled moans seem to turn him on more as he picks up speed. His large balls batter your clit as they slam into it over and over. “That’s it, cream all over my fucking dick”, you continue to let Dennis pound you but you wonder if you’re

A Perfect Fit Pt. 11

says and does. If it gets out of hand or she's around too much, we can try a different class of drugs. That may not even make a difference and I don't want to mess with your meds if you're feeling well, finally. It's been a long road.""So we just... live with it?" she asks."Her. She's a sweet little person who just wants to be loved... like all

Discovering Daddy Ch. 02

her. "Thank you for offering that my girl, but I think we'll ease into that. For now we'll stick with something simpler, and more intimate." He reached down and took her hand, leading her into the dining room. He pulled out one of the chairs and sat down, not letting go of her hand. Slowly and gently he pulled her down, leading her hand down past

I Met An Old Friend

had just walked along. With no one near she ducked under a stairway and I followed. I found myself stood in the corner under the stairs, my head inches from the ceiling and she was already starting to crouch down in front of me. My head started spinning. All of a sudden I found myself here with her wrapping her lips around my erection. I looked

Moon Phases

against her sex, produced the desired result. His cock found her opening and although almost dry, entered her in a savage thrust that made her howl.Relentlessly, he pistoned into her, driving deeper and deeper until his knot banged against her outer walls. She was too tight and dry to accept him all the way, but he managed to climax, spraying

Jake's Vacation

cock was engulfed in the warmth of his aunt’s hot depths. “Oh, God,” he instinctively groaned.Jessie’s face showed that she was feeling similar thoughts. She rested, with her nephew’s cock buried to the hilt within her, and her hands together on his hard chest supporting her. Her mouth was open, and she was adjusting to the first hard cock

Our First Time Ch. 02

she asked watching me watching her."Oh yeah, definitely," I responded, "but I think I need a closer look, don't you?". She nodded, biting her lower lip with a smile making me think she was imagining my "closer look" right now and how it might feel.I told her, "How about you turn around? Unless you'd like to be on the bottom of course, but I think

Our first time together

I'd made the both of us a couple of burgers each, knowing it was her favorite food as well as mine. I was worried I hadn't cooked them right, I would die if I had. I wanted this night to be special.It wasn't her first time having sex. She'd been honest with me about that. It was one of the reasons we'd waited so long to finally "do it". She

Watching my wife

him a show, soon i couldn’t hold it anymore and shot my load deep in baby’s pussy. I swap places with Bob and had a great view of her pussy and his dick, Bob started by kissing my wife soon I seen hand as he place the dick head agaist her wet pussy lips ,I watch as he stroke in and ot of her pussy, feeling my dick getting hard again.. Soon Bob

Sweet Memories

at her drink, she turned and leaned her curved hip against the counter.  She felt the pressure in the same spot as she had when he had leaned into her, pinning her body with his and intensifying their kiss even further with his body pressed against hers.  She swallowed the last of her drink and set the glass in the sink.  She reached into the

The landlady of the Bed Breakfast

road and slowed to a stop and open the door to the reception area. I slipped my soaking wet running shoes off. The place was nice and quiet. I slowly padded to my bedroom when out of the shadows the landlady/owner stepped."Oh hi," she said,"I had hoped to catch you, did you have a good run?". The landlady was a middle aged woman, who had the

Tiny Tits, Tight Twat - lunch break

trousers and yet another big t-shirt. She opened the door and mouthed “on the phone”, tapping her headset. I nodded, and followed her to the dutch door, where that big hairy dog was waiting. She stopped to pet him, and took my hand to stroke his neck. I got the idea and made friends with him; I’m pretty good with dogs. He was grinning and wagging

Wake Up Surprise

her hands up and down his body she began to blow on his dick again. The slight coolness of her breath caused his hips to buck as his body stiffened. He couldn't take the teasing much longer, needing a release his eyes locked with hers, and without speaking a word she knew what he wanted, what he needed. His eyes still locked on hers she slowly

"R" is for Role Play

gloves(worn to the elbow and pulled up under the sleeves of my blouse) and my knee high black boots. Of course when I arrive at the door of your office with my coat wrapped round me at first you see only the coat, but the sight of the shiny boots glinting up at you from my feet (which is the second place you look after my sexily made up and

Deborah: Closure

arse back against me and grunting with pleasure. She came very quickly, saturating my cock with her juices, but I kept going, slowly but firmly, faster and harder, slower and deeper. I brought a hand up to rest on her arse and traced my thumb between her cheeks in an attempt to get access to her arsehole, thinking that anal would be the perfect

My Little Sister Sophie (Parts 1 & 2)

PC. 'Actually, I'll put them on the big screen. Sit down on the couch there.' It was a nicely furnished studio. I have frequently got more people in there than just the subjects I'm shooting so I want everyone to be comfortable.We both sat back on the couch after I turned the PC on and grabbed the mouse and remote. 'Ok, let me see' I said,

My Daughter Sally

I threw everything out of my wardrobe an cut out an hole which was 40 inch width and 80 inch high. In this hole I set in a half sided mirror as you know them from several interrogation rooms in TV-series, so you could look through my wardrobe through the mirror in the shower, watching those girls when they take a shower. I had much fun with this

Lost Virginity:Part 2

want to come along?’ The two girls left me alone at the table, giving me a chance to see what she had put in my pocket. I unfolded the note, and read ‘I really need to see (and feel) you again.’ As much as I wanted to see her, I knew it would never happen. I was happily married to a wonderful woman and did not want to jeopardize our marriage for

My First Visit to a Massage Parlour

for a few meets. He was, however, busy now, and I wanted to explore more. I decided to join a massage parlor site and began to chat with one or two guys online. One in particular seemed really nice so I decided to take the bull by the horns so to speak, and meet him.We agreed to meet and as soon as I saw him I was immediately interested. He was

The Foot Slave

and soft skin, gleamed in the low lighting. In the short time that they had been together, Victoria had been perfect. She knew the right way to sit, her legs slightly parted and totally naked. “Victoria, I have a surprise for you,” Mistress said. Her foot slave remained silent, but had a small smile. Pandora watched, as she sat straighter,

A Reluctant Daughter

it reached its destination my father sucked harder on my nipple and plunged a finger deep within me. My back arched from the sudden penetration, and even though I hated it my pussy clenched his finger tight. In and out he went, the slurping noises loud as he threw caution to the wind. Oh Dad, I couldnt help it. He knew every position and

Little T and her Daddy J Ch. 05

her. Sara couldn't care less about the open door and loudly grunted "UNNNGGG oh God, that feels SOOOOOOOO good..." T's fingers alternated between rubbing up and down on her clit and then plunging back inside her to pump in and out. Sara started humping back into T's thrusting fingers and her breath was coming in little squeaks and gasps when she

My Revelation Ch. 09-11

take a right, boy."Steph guided me through the next door in that direction. My pads began to cross a tile floor."Why, look who's here, boy. It's your Master." Steph said.I ventured to tilt my gaze slightly upward, and saw the Master's naked feet nestled in a thick small carpet."Come here, boy." James said warmly. It seemed he really was happy to

Our Secret

you inside. I craved the way you fit perfectly into my pussy."He smiled as he said, "Yeah, I want to taste your sweet pussy. Lick you until you cum. I want to hear your pleasure.""Well if you are doing that, we are doing sixty-nine so I can have your cock in my mouth."He grinned before saying, "Whatever you want, baby."I kissed him gently before

Rebounding Hardcore with an Old Friend

I agreed, but not only because I could save money. She also said that she didn't want to spend the whole two weeks travelling to places. She said she wanted to take it easy."Prepare a lot of booze," she said one night when we were chatting."Yeah? You drink?" I was surprised to hear that."Yeah! Why? What did you think?""I didn't think you

Awakened PassionsCh2

do is ask. But I want you. I want to take care of you.†She looked at him dumbfounded. She had never asked to be taken care of doing things for herself. Now here was Aaron, asking her to be ,well, her and all she had to do was say yes. “What’s the catch?†she asked , watching him closely. “Just say yes†he said. “I want you.

Helpless: Blindfolded and Bound

in nothing but a lacy purple bra and matching underwear. I feel my nipples harden with excitement, and I have become painfully aware of a throbbing between my legs."Come, now," he soothes, removing my bra and helping me step out of my underwear. "Such pretty things," he adds, and I am unsure if he speaks of the garments or my now fully exposed

Masquerade Party

I lubricate her pussy with my finger, then thrust the bulbous head aganist her slit, the shaft sinks four inches into her. " STOP!", YOU'RE HURTING ME! STOP!" I pull out of her, then she feels the bulbous head poking aganist the tender lips of her cunt. As I lightly kiss her back, my hand slips between our bodies and I position the tip of my

Tricked My Girlfriend 3

them and yelled What Are Yall Doing Out This Late?! flashing his light at them.Black guy B ran away and left my girl there standing in just her tanktop and underwear.She wasn't running and i didn't know why.My guess was she probably froze with fear.The guy walked up to her still flashing his light at her.Now i could see him clearer.Old, white

Lost Royals Part 6

settle down." "Okay okay. God, was I this bossy?" Nokomis asked rolling her eyes. She shifted uncomfortably as the crescendo of moans continued. "Probably worse," I answered her rhetorical question. "Getting turned on?" "Well until early this morning I was a virgin," she answered blushing. I slipped a hand between her legs and felt the heat

Janice Goodall mind controlled part 1

and also anger at him. My body had the opposite reaction, it was enjoying itself. As Brian moved into me I immediately climaxed. “Oh yes” he exclaimed “will you be telling Wayne about this, how eager and desperate you are to fuck me”. “Well you bitch” he continued “this is my dream come true, I am fucking you and you are enjoying every moment of

Sex in the city - Chapter 2

to feel exhausted Im made himself some black tea and smoked a ciggy on his apartment balcony. As he did so he kept his eyes peeled for any attractive passers-by, none came however. Instead he changed into a shirt, some black slim jeans and then proceeded to put on some brogues. He’d head to Oxford Street and do some shopping.For Besany he stopped

My Descent into Anal Slavery Ch. 01

situation. Since I had started, I decided to just finish him off. Besides I love sucking a nice cock!I teased Blake's head for a few minutes and then I was deep throating him down. I love the feel of his head passing into my gullet and I am proud of my cock sucking skills. I was so horny that I just put all my frustrations into this blowjob and

Frat House Slut

juices. When she can find nothing more to taste Karrie wraps her fist around my girth and on the next upstroke, pulls it from its warm surroundings and plunges it into her mouth finding yet more of Tanisha's cum. Replacing the cum with her own slick saliva, Karrie gives me an impish grin as she positions me for re-insertion. I don't get the

New Secretary – Chapter 1

party of the first magnitude was in store for him. He was so straight and so pussy whipped that it might just give him a new lease. So one of the guys arranged for us to get a limo and go to this strip club about forty miles away. The idea was for us to be far enough away that we could let loose and not worry about being seen. We arrived about

Family Ties Ch. 2

and louder as Todd kept slamming into her pussy, Todd pulled out and turned his sister so that she could suck her pussy juices off his cock, then her dad put his cock right up her ass whole. "Oh, daddy I love your cock deep in my ass. Fuck me, daddy, fuck me." He kept fucking her ass for a bit while she was sucking her brother's cock. "Come on

Revenge of the Nerd Ch. 09

not too often, I don’t think I could take it.’ I sighed. ‘God, I’m so embarrassed. I didn’t do a thing for you. I, I’m never that selfish. You just had me so, involved, it completely slipped my mind. I’m so sorry.’ ‘Don’t worry about it. I had a good time.’ ‘I can do much better. You have to give me another chance.’ ‘Hey, I was so turned on at

More Than A Dream

my surroundings under the dim light of the sunset coming through the open patio doors. A tropical breeze blows the curtains inward sending a pulse of warm salty air into my lungs. I look towards the large canopy king bed to find you sleeping naked on your back spread across the crisp white sheets. I pause to take in the view of you with the top

My Interview Ch. 04

right there, now part those legs and hold your cheeks open!" I quickly did as I was told. I moaned louder and louder with each stroke of his cock into my ass. Tony got on his knees and started jacking off so close to my face the head of his cock was pressing against my cheek. I stretched as far as I could and licked his balls while I watched him

Path to Our Future part 6

mind when we start doing things publically since it won’t upset you,” Heather says relieved and I note that Heather just played Liz. “Ladies I need to bring this back to point, someone is fucking with me and they were involved with you last year. I need Kyle and Heather to do a bit of checking and find out where their closest people are and if


large hands slowly gliding over my skin, giving me goose bumps as tingles ran over my body. I was hoping he wouldn’t notice how much he was making my body hot and would just keep going. I hadn’t expected him to gently slide the straps of my bathing suit down just slightly, his hands carefully working into the skin. I felt like I wantedTo

Tony Stark's Brief, Sexual Encounter

mound and brought her fingers, which now had traces of his warm seed, to her mouth, licking them clean.Holy shit… He smirked. Looks like I found myself a nympho this time.“I really enjoyed tonight, Tony.” The blonde murmured seductively, running her fingers from his lower thigh all the way up his chest. Tony could feel his dick twitch as he

Coffee Nips Anonymous

thing. I launched myself with all speed towards my companion (‘oof!’ he said), causing us both to sail out of the hole in the wall and begin plummeting forty feet down towards hard pavement … as I’ve mentioned. Fortunately I had a solid grip on my furry friend, and fortunately I could fly. So to the resounding CRASH!! of the wrecking ball

more from eve 2

shouting, “hoi!”at the appropriate times.   The other diners were cheering even louder than the first time and seemed to be pointing in my direction.   Shilla who was opposite me was grinning like a Cheshire cat.   She was shouting something to me, but with all the noise I couldn’t hear what it was she was saying.   The music slowed and finally


… and my cock began to twitch … I recognized two of the girls who where entwined together in a lesbian clinch, (they were a friends two young daughters, who I’d often eyed-at in the garden), anyway, they were both kissing and sucking on each other’s tongue as two youths were ramming their cocks into the s****r’s hairy cunts. They spotted me, and

My Punishment

to go to sleep, I am required to make certain you are satisfied. Each of my holes is to be available at this time, offered for use in any way you might desire. Recently, I had become lazy and stopped inquiring each night if my services were needed. I knew it was selfish of me to leave you unsatisfied, but since you hadn't mentioned it, I assumed

How I became an exhibitionist

up the side. I would wear them for him , but I would always have a jacket or sweater on because I felt uncomfortable about anyone seeing me like this. Then one evening when we were in Los Angeles at a restaurant on the Queen Mary hotel and I was wearing a leather shirt, black stocking and garter belt, skimpy black lace panties, heels and this

The Perfect Pussy Ch. 02

was a kid. One gal I know told me he was at the bar one night talking to her friend while he had his hand up her skirt. Just standing there between them, like nothing was going on at all, and he’s been doing it for a long time. Next time, you tell me, no one touches my woman with out paying the price.’ A flush of pleasure ran over her. ‘Am I your

My First Group encounter as a Student

and it was my first double orgasm, clitoral and vaginal, both exploding simultaneously, and causing my knees to buckle and I screamed my pleasure in the highest octave God gave a woman. On subsiding I looked down to see one of the women pull off my swollen pussy, God she was good, my first Bi-girl on girl experience. I am sure you guys wanking

Mama LoLo, Her daughter, and Me

the excitement my 11 inch Big Black Cock was experiencing at the sight of this fine ass cougar. The bulge in my sheer linen pants didn’t go unnoticed by Mama LoLo or Catherine. ” I don’t believe you’re hard at the sight of my mom” screams Catherine. “Mmmmmm, no you handsome young black stud you let me look at your strong restless BBC get more

Bag of tricks

and was just about to fasten the ball gag around his head. “Stop. Leave it on the bed and come stand before me and hand me my whip!” After handing me my whip, I ran it ever so slowly over his chest and around his side, stopping just as I reached his hard muscled butt cheek. Holding it inches away, I asked “ What's my name? Say my name, bitch! ”

He Couldn't - He Wouldn't

I said, angrily. " Is your special date paying a lot of money for you?" Tammy gaspedand stiffened her spine, the bartender came over and put his palms down on the smooth wooden counter. She clenched her jaw, grabbed her clutch and stood up from the bar. Fuck this, she wasn't going to sit here and take this from some drunken jerk. She had barely

The abduction, rape, and filming of Samantha

was again rammed down her throat past her tonsels until the black man’s balls were resting on her chin. He held her tight against his pubic bone and sent a large load of cum into her throat. Once he was done, he removed his cock and Samantha finally was able to get a lung full of air. Before she could gather her senses, the last two “actors”

Getting Clean? Or Dirty…?

under my touch, thanking me and pushing me on with their stiffness. Her other hand was now on my balls, squeezing gently before rubbing them in time to the pumps of her hand on my cock, slapping forward to give me the sensation of my hanging sack hitting her on each inward ‘thrust’ of her hand, mimicking the feeling of riding her as my hips


it slowly. She wiggled it off her hips, then stepped out of it. I cupped her behind and held her to me. I looked down into her eyes. I nibbled at her lips. The world of concrete and steel, of finance and sales, meant nothing compared to the world of flesh I held in my hands. Why had those matters seemed so important before? What were they really

The Exchange

around his waist, giving herself to him.Greg couldn't believe how badly he wanted to possess all of her and quickly. His thrusts became animal-like, and he pinched and twisted her nipples until she was moaning loudly and squirming. He'd make her cum again. This time even louder, making her thankful for his return. He gripped her ankles and pulled

Brandi and Kelly Ch. 11

of freedom was overwhelming. ***They soon arrived at the farm. Some called it the Slave Farm, others, the Pony Farm. It was both. Big John had Kelly trained as a pony-girl, and she loved it. Being strapped up in leather had her sexed up. Having to perform in front of demanding trainers excited her. Having a whip sting her rump when not performing

Temptation by all

a revealing top that covered he nipples, her skirt was very short and her pussy was becoming wet from her panties. The photographer, Mary snapped away at Kaylas petite body as she shouted out positions. "Thanks Kayla thats a wrap, your the best model ive ever seen" Mary lent forward and gave Kayla a kiss on the check and then one on the mouth

Fun With Lavinia (part one)

quiet introspective scholar in high school and later in college. I was about five feet eight inches tall and weighed about 150 pounds. I was into working out but had never participated in sports. As a young man I was normal in my sexual desires. I was to learn new things this vacation from school. While I was in high school I noticed that even

Boy, Conquered

the position known as 'present', knees and shoulders touching the surface of the examination table, reaching back to part his own buttocks, presenting his core for inspection or pleasure. His shame increased as he heard Lady Caroline and her lady-in-waiting giggle and whisper, then felt the warm breath of his future Mistress as she leant close to

Disciplined by Coach Pt. 01

drove Grayson wild. He was fast approaching climax, pumping more vigorously now, as his breathing got faster and faster. Finally, he lost control, as jet after jet of thick cum erupted from his shaft. His moans echoed around the locker room as shot after shot of cum landed on his body. He couldn't help but moan Michael's name to as he continued

Kaylies lust

softly down her neck. Slowly she stroked her hands over her firming nipples, admiringly over her ribcage and down her toned, long stomach. She smiled, imagining him watching her stunning body take shape, her mouth opening slightly and widening, tongue drawing back. Both her palms lingered over her abdomen, her hips rose instinctively to meet her

Choice Points Pt. 03

indignation. You are cute as a button. So concerned for your friends, so sure of your rightness, your perspective. But the truth is, you don’t really see yourself at all.’ ‘How dare you patronize me. I’m calling the police. Indecent exposure, criminal assault. I will see you arrested!’ I was fuming, my anger burning in every vein. If he didn’t

The World's First Futa 02 – Futa's Wild Day 2: Futa's First Nurse

her uterus to reach the egg. The higher your sperm count, the more you have the greater the odds of one reaching the egg and impregnating a woman.”“I can knock a girl up?” I asked.“Have you been using protection?”I shook my head. “Some of them were on the pill. But...”“Well, you should buy condoms.” He glanced at me. “If they make them in your

Accidental Meeting

apology I expected but I kept my calm."Excuse me," I murmured politely, "but you failed to stop at the intersection, you turned the corner at an excessive speed, you lost control and fish-tailed your car and I was actually stationary when your car hit mine. When you consider this I think you'll have to agree that you were at fault, not me.""Me!"


moment and then everything speeds up in a whoosh. His cum sprays out, the first spurt on her cheek. The next few over her eyelids, her mouth, the other cheek. He lets the rest of it dribble out down her chin.All the while she has to fight every desire she has inside of her to scream out. She really is a slut, but at least she's his.When he

At Her Own Pace – Chapter 1

in her career. After marrying young and having two children, she is now becoming her own woman, a woman with desires, a woman with needs. But she remains a woman who admits only to herself that she has fantasies. Her husband has questioned her for some time about her sexual desires. Her answer is always to admit to only wanting him and that he

The beginning, background, and how we started

I guided his dick to my pussy thinking he would get some lubrication but he just started fucking me! I didn't cum baby, but he came inside me! He said he's been dreaming of fucking me since we met. I just cleaned up and went back to work. I didn't know how I was gonna tell you and it took me until just now to tell you the truth. Don't be mad,

Uncle Jimmy And His Friends.....

lot,” Jimmy said with confidence. “K’,” I said unconcerned; I figured anything that Jimmy had planned was going to be fun. “Oh Chris called,” Jimmy announced. “He said he’ll be gone another week. Luck for us.” Chris was out of town for his job and Jimmy and I took full advantage of his absence. My uncle and I have had sex 4 times in the last

Anonymous Submission 02

know what you did wrong?" I froze. I had no idea. I said thank you like he told me. What else did he want?"Answer me slave. I don't like waiting.""I'm not sure. I said thank you. What else do you need?" I pleaded"There you did it again slave. Or rather, didn't do it. You really do have a terrible time remembering things don't you?""No! I did

A Genny Story.... Meeting Melly

out. I know I moanedbecause she laughed and said "You have to let me get dinner done."We finished two drinks before dinner and had a third with us when we satdown. At the table we were laughing and telling stories about the ER andthe fire department, both of us feeling good. Dinner was nice. We startedto play little eye games with each other.

Bev abused while medicated for pain

sleep like a baby, even a hurricane won’t wake you.How am I going to get home Barry, fuck I hadn’t even thought of that and as a nurse I should have. Mate I get off in less than 30 minutes I’ll get an early knock of from the nurse in charge and help you home. Cool, we’ll put Bev in my car and you can sit in the back with her and I’ll drive home.

Dancing to Fucking

inside. He told me to flip over with my feet on the ground, leaning over the bed on my stomach. In a rough, urgent tone he told me he was going to fuck me until he came so I gladly complied. With him slapping and grabbing my ass, he fucked me hard and fast. He pulled himself out of me slowly just before he came and set his dick at the entrance of

Little Time Thief Ch. 01

powerful and ruling authority and power outside of it was limited. Limited meant the authorities controlled the electricity and the populace had to rely on steam power, coal and wood, it was the same world-wide with the Euro zone being the new leading settled territory. Presley had lived with her father in a small refurbished townhouse near what

Eleanor's Descent Ch. 01

because of my experience I was sent to a different site the following week and for the next four weeks was kept busy away from the sports centre. I thought Just my bloody luck.Eventually someone must have complained about the standard of staff being supplied to the centre because on the Saturday morning I was told the following week I was to be

Mistress Diana Ch. 05

his thighs and moved around to kiss each hip as she scooted around on the floor on her knee's. "Move around and kiss his ass for me, slut!"Jeanette scooted around and slowly and hesitantly kissed each cheek until she was told to stop and just kept kneeling until she was given another order.Mistress Diana nodded at the servant and he leaned

Help Wanted: Finding the Right Assistant

and pumping his face again until I felt my ball start to tighten."OH FUCK! DIRTY COCKSUCKER FUCK!!!" And I started to shudder and my body jolted and I held his head down and began pumping my seed down his throat. "Uuuuhhhhhh Fuck! UH! UH! UH!" as each squirt of my jizz emptied into his throat to go down into his stomach. I held his head

The Androids

microchips kept rigidly in place by a microscopically thin framework of wires. Immersed in the broth were human stem cells. It took days for flesh to congeal around some of the larger microchips, but once small clumps of flesh formed, they quickly grew down the wire framework to other microchips, and then very quickly began to form the framework


out her tongue not sure what she was looking for and sighed heavily. ‘Who the fuck are you?’ Rubbing the back of her neck she answered herself. ‘Oh yes. You’re that washed up, no talent, pathetic, brain damaged artist.’ After stripping off her yoga pants and panties she stuck her hand under the water to test the temperature, finding it to be fine

Driving out to Vermont and finding the lake

it was bigger than my wife was expecting when she more or less told me I could cum in her mouth. Still she didn’t move and I reached around and grabbed her ass. Yes I loved grabbing it but I gave it a little squeeze to let her know that I was appreciative of what she was doing for me. Finally I stopped cumming and she lifted her mouth up off of

Choose your own SexVenture Page 09

panties and almost immediately she is standing in front of you and her daughter in all her natural beauty. A gorgeous woman, she has a fuller figure than her daughter with a sweet tight ass and large full breasts with small areolas and nipples. ‘Wow, the two of you are beautiful,’ you say. ‘And you are handsome,’ replies Claire. You take Claire

girls fun for all 5

black pricks but they were treating me as a real woman. my little pecker started to rise in my panties. ok you two off with your clothes, and you put these new panties on john and your friend will just have to wear mine as i pulled my panties off from under my mini skirt. i made him smell them before putting them on and he said ummmm good i love

Young Wives Become Highly Paid Whores in Vegas

we went back to the lounge.Sure enough, they followed us to our table. We knew from experience in college that Tamil Indians are dark-skinned and have cocks as big or bigger than blacks. Kadal and Deven introduced themselves, and it was fun listening to their broken English. They were excited to be talking with two, beautiful American girls.We

Inappropriate Behavior At The Nursing Home

nurses.” “Is that a yes?” “Of course. I’d love to have dinner with you. How very thoughtful. Please give me your address and I’ll be delighted to join you.” “Perfect.” I jotted down my address and handed it to him. “Would seven o’clock be good for you?” “That would be lovely. I’ll bring some wine.” “See you then.” “I can’t wait.” I just

Stalked & Raped: Part 3

themselves around him and before I knew it my back was arching against the wall. I came hard and long, he had calmed down before I stopped squeezing the rest of my orgasm out of my body. I mustve passed out because I woke up the next morning clothed and in bed. I had been cleaned up but every inch of me was sore. You know the weirdest part? At

Rough Ride

yours. Fuck your slut in only the way you know how Master. Please." She pants softly as she looks pleadingly into his eyes.His eyes would widen for a moment as the excitement within him builds as he listens to her beg like the true little slut that she was for him. Her words seemed like they were like music to his ears as she looked into his eyes

Charlie-Charlene Part 2

corked, standing there, but it was empty. “Holy fuck,” she said softly. “Holy fuck.” Turning to Elaine, she said, “Last night, this vial was three quarters full when I set it here. And this… this phallus was soft, and warm, and… and … and real! I masturbated with it, and had the most intense, incredible orgasm I have ever had in my life. And

A special Wish granted

- hence my denial." For about a minute, there was silence. Mrs Griffith broke it again, after inhaling deeply into her cigarette once more: "Look, Amy. It is, indeed, a difficult thing that you ask of me, but hey, though I first got out of control, after having a second thought I realise that I can't stop you from doing what you want. If I just

The Night I Found Out For Sure I Was Gay

into his ass. “Todd, go on fuck me harder. Do it faster!” I was fucking Jay full length. I held his hips and he was backing up into my cock. I fucked his ass hard and deep. “That’s it Todd, oh yea baby. Fuck my ass. Harder Todd. Oh fuck, yes.” I let out a huge scream and I came in his ass. I pulled out and took the condom off and threw it

The Girl With The Wolf Tattoo

football team and he shared a lot of pornographic videos and pictures, along with other sports things, with the other football members. So there was no way to be absolutely sure what Jeremy was about to send to my phone. Once Jeremy heard the sound of my phone turning on he watch over my shoulder as we waited for it to boot all the way up. The

She Only Wore A Thong

cock begin to stretch out.Lorraine saw the tent that he was forming and her hand flew to the “V” of her legs. Her fingers furiously worked her clit as her other hand started to search for his growing cock. She was in shock as she found out that her brother was completely nude underneath the covers, making her pussy quiver with excitement.Her

Marriage to Agnes Ch. 2

a fiery ball of excruciating pain. I screamed, yes, screamed, as the pain exploded upwards, causing my stomach to knot and threatening to cause a bout of involuntary vomiting as nausea clutched my throat. I curled into a tight foetal ball, my hands scrabbling desperately at my tortured testicles. Her foot landed again, but couldn’t find the


the stool to give him a warning.He sprinted the short distance back to the couch, sat, and tried hard to control his breathing. He failed miserably at the breathing part.I asked him,"Are you okay?""Yea. I just got some water in the wrong pipe," he replied. His red face and quivering voice betrayed him. We continued with some semblance of a

Hotel Hijinx

for relief but new I couldn't say it. I was lost in the sensation of his touch against my breast his fingers trailing down the side of my chest and up to my collarbone. He leaned down to bite on my neck and I hadn't realized he had positioned himself back between my legs. He knelt back on his knees and took my thighs in his hands. Slowly and

My wife Tina

curious neighbors from getting too nosey. I had bought an extra battery for the camera and as I got everything set up, Tina went into the bathroom to change. She came out 1/2 an hour later and she was stunning. Her hair was curled and pulled back with white combs, the garter belt and hose really set off her fair complection and the see-through

Beach Fantasy

we walk around to a beautiful, but empty, small beach. We place our towels down next to each others and I sit on mine. He straddles me and lowers his body onto mine and without saying a word we kiss.As we kiss I feel my cock harden and his cock enlarge as they rub up against each other. My hands are on his hips and I rub his firm, perfect bum. He

the new housekeeper pt 1

beating a thousand times a minute as she hoped they would accept her. The door opened and a middle aged man stood before her: he wore glasses and a shirt with collar as well as a tie, he was smoking a pipe and seemed to be quite a well to do person. "you must be Sasha" said the man."ah..yes" said Sasha still trying to get her wits together."it's

Doctor in Danger

flamboyantly, ‘She has been an ornament to the practice.’ It was signed Christopher Baker MD. Martin glanced up at Mrs. Hockham and could well believe she had been an ‘ornament.’ He said, ‘I see you worked for Dr. Baker, he’s a great friend of mine.’ For a moment he thought he saw a shadow pass over Mrs. Hockham’s face. He scanned the other

Christmas at the shore- part 1

Kelly and her Lisas sister Natalie, we started to watch Anchorman. We decided on rooms that Lisa would take the bed upstairs, I get the aero bed, and the other two get the kids room. Lisa and I would get to chill. And do other stuff. Kelly and Nat go downstairs to set up and probably sleep, and I turn off the TV. So. I said. So. Lisa replied. I

John Steadman, A Forest Ranger

to influence the route within Georgia, but decided to hike the trail just to gain familiarity with it. She was an experienced hiker, having hiked trails the nation over since she was a young girl, when her family hiked the Gila Wilderness, stopping to see the Pueblo dwellings in Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument in the Gila National Forest

Moondust Hollow Ch. 04: Paid

His hands reached to unhook her bra and let it fall open, her breasts exposed as she sucked him. Each hand took a breast, cupping the curve of her skin and rubbing a rough thumb over each nipple. The sensation sent shivers through her and a pooling warmth to her core. "A little lower," he whispered, urging her on. Letting go of her breasts for

The Designated Driver Chronicles, Ch.1

to my touch. Slowly, I made my way down to suckle her beautiful breasts. Her nipple was hard between my lips as I flicked my tongue over it.She was urgent. She needed to cum and cum hard. I felt her need and made my way down to her sopping pussy. Pushing on the top of my head, she was moaning in anticipation. I buried my nose into her muff and

Lia Learns The Limits Of Friendship

hair and drags her. They head toward the four men stuffing Lia’s teenage body. He grins at Lia, "Your friend has a great mouth. You like it when she uses it on you?" Lia shuts her eyes as her face grows red in embarrassment. The cock in her mouth pulls out and slaps her face, "Answer him, you bitch!" Unsure of her condemning words, Lia

Fun with Ex Hubbys Commander

me. He pushed a few times and his cock found my pussy and sank in. His humping began and his knot soon filled me. I was screaming loud, "Oh yes, of yes, fuck me." and everyone was clapping. Over a half hour later the dog's knot slipped out and he was licking his cock clean when i moved his head and did it for him. Licking and sucking and he l;aid

The Chronicles of Suzie's Descent - part 5

feel cum leaking out of my ass and trickling down onto my cunt. A smile crept over my face, as I realized that some of the guys must have fucked me in the ass, while I was asleep. My mouth felt gluggy from all the cum I had been swallowing and my hair, face and my back were covered in cum as well. I don't think that they could have treated me any

Helping Hands

then fell silent once more. I laid there for a time, holding my breath, until I was finally satisfied that he was once again asleep. The thought of Matthew possibly waking to catch me toying with my body thrilled me further, and my fingers set to work. Each flick and twist of my nimble digits shot electric through my body. Again and again I

My Pretty Little Slaves Chapter 19 Miras Assimilation into the Family and Family Reunions

says as Tiffani and Becky come in the foyer, naked and carrying Mercedes girls. Mom, I would like to introduce you to your granddaughters Donatella Becky, Donelle Frances, Donetta January. This is Becky and Tiffani carrying my babies. Mom, Ro girls you might as well get naked we all are in the house Mercedes tells them. Her sisters and cousins

Illuminated in July

and place. The restaurant was a grubby place full of lopsided wooden tables and random, elaborate decorations—a great place to order a ton of meat and another bottle of beer whenever the current bottle went empty. Julian demonstrated a keen ability to divert Jane’s interest onto me. He asked me several questions about my major in

In Control of Sandra Ch. 2

all over my chest, belly, cock and balls. ‘Come and get it girls.’ I said. Both Sandra and Kathy got down on the floor with me and each grabbed my cock and started to lick up and down the shaft while they stroked me from top to bottom. They took turns sucking the head into their mouths and taking as much of the shaft as they could down their

Bound For Life

of her bra and in one fluid motion, splits them in two. She stifles a scream as her tits hang free. He cuts her bra off completely. There are better ways to confine them, the captor thinks.The man is gone again. Maria's cheeks flush from embarrassment. She has an idea about how this will play out but with the short pauses and subtle nature of her

My Buddy, His Girl And I

seeing anyone other than me. Jacks parents were out of town for the week. The house is out in the country with the nearest neighbor a mile away in all directions. There is a large patio with a grill, table and chairs. The inground pool has several tables and lounge chairs around it. I arrive at noon, with two cases of our favorite beer,

Indian Couple’s Erotic and Loving Threesome with a Close Friend (Part-1)

(wraparound the neck). However, I always thought, she is very conservative so far as flirting is concerned. She goes out of her way, even under very adverse circumstances, to look after me and care for me on all aspects; other than sexual (so I thought). However, I always loved her very much and she loved and cared for me so much that I tried to

The Hogue Dossier

legitimate companies did it all the time when choosing key personnel. No one wanted a skeleton to pop out of the closet down the road. Her normal contact had given her the latest assignment, with a warning. ‘This isn’t for us. It’s a favor to someone outside our group, and to be honest, my employers are scared shitless of him. Word of caution. Do

Celestial Fall - Chapter 5-6

onto my belt and then strap my quiver to my leg and clip the bow to the back of my belt. Bowing to Riedesh I turn to Beornze and nod to him. “I would suggest they leave town as soon as they are able I am off to take care of Lasret for his betrayal and I will not take kindly to seeing them again.”He looks at me with a serious glint in his eyes

R and L’s Story

to the direction of his truck. Sitting right there was an adorable red dobie. I know this because they are also one of my favorite breeds just never had the time to get one. So, I have a hunk of man standing here on the side of the road, which almost ran me over because his dog, which I already want to go hold, jumped in his lap. I couldn’t help

The Continuing Adventures of Julia

hard to learn everything there was to know about international law and that final step to partner was very close. She had been so focused on her career, her love life had been lacking. Sure there was the occasional fling… like the yacht… mmm that was fun, or her induction into the mile high club, but she was finally ready for more. The difficult

Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 16

ass. Because he loves me, he lets me fuck his ass. I slam him forcefully until he can't take it anymore, then I pull out of him. I gently kiss him, and tell him how much I love him. We embrace. It's over. I'm a big white woman from Maine and I'm deeply in love with the tall, handsome black lawyer I calls my husband and eternal lover. And I fuck

Moms best friend

we were going out in the country. But thats okay I like 'em." I said. "Yeah, I know you do" she came back smiling. As we got in her car mom yelled, "Dont run away with him, okay Bev."During the ride she looked at me intently as I tried to make intelligent conversation accross the leather bench seat. She probed me really hard about interests and

Our boarder

and started to kiss him back. Steve started to relax a bit more now that Paulenes resistance had stopped and they stood there kissing and exploring each other right there in the kitchen. As they kissed my wife moved her hand down over the front of Steves jeans and started feeling and rubbing his obvious bulge. With his cue taken, he reached down